How to Properly Use Mountain Man Skrub.

Step One:

Open like a jar of pickles. There is liquid inside and the jar should be held upright when opening. 

Step Two:

Stir it up! Liquids and salts must be stirred generously. 

Step Three:

Use about a half a table spoon at a time.

Step Four:

Massage generously into your hands, cracks, cuticles, or any part of your body your are scrubbing. Just don’t over do it! 

Step Five:

Rinse with water to wash away the large salty particles. 

Step Six:

Once salts are rinsed away, continue to massage the skin to absorb the essential oils. 

Step Seven:

Use a cloth or towel to completely wipe away all oils. This is not a moisturizer, your skin should feel clean and not oily when applications is complete.

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