Mountain Man Skrub

An Organic skin scrub that won’t challenge your manhood. 

Clean Up America

An Organic skin scrub that will polish off 2020.

Touch of Grace Skrub

An Organic skin scrub for the female that gets her hands dirty.

Damn Good Tattoo Skrub

An Organic skin scrub for those who wish to keep their tattoos dark.


Mountain Man Skrub is a skin scrub that weatherizes, heals and protects while removing odor, stains and dead skin cells. Shop online and have Mountain Man shipped directly to your door.


This is amazing. Using it on my hands and feet. Love the way my skin feels!!

– Traci Wendt-West


Bought this at the 2018 Versailles Apple Festival and love it!  Only scrub my husband will use!
– GinaLee Howard



Me and my girlfriend bought the large 30 oz jar do to the fact that we are both first responders and she is a diabetic. My experience using this product based around fire scenes has been a amazing experience, all the hydrocarbons are instantly removed from my skin!!  The same experience with working in my shop on my lawn equipment – grease, dirt, all the other grunk just disappears as you rinse off (the crystals from Mountain Man Skrub)!!
– Trevor Tdoom (Romeo); current Captain of WRFD


My girlfriend has neuropathy in her feet and hands.  The first night we both used the product as instructed, …on (our) hands and feet. She instantly felt a huge deal of less pain and aches subsided for a full 3 days after the application!!!


experienced having no problems with standing and walking extremely long periods of time…  …no discomfort for a full week!  I have also noticed my red heeler arthritis is a lot less painful!!


…It helped out with my ol dog too, which was a complete shocking result.. my blue heeler had horsefly bites on him, & we just randomly took a quarter of a baby spoon and rubbed it onto the bite and over night it was healing up — almost completely unnoticeable!!!


We both continue to apply the product to our feet and hands only one or two times a week. Just amazing experience week to week!!  Folks it’s not just a great hand cleaner, it’s an absolute everything in skin products!!


love the product! Works great on hands and feet, even on sensitive skin. It smells great, but a natural smell not over the top like perfume. My husband and kids love it also. 
– Rachel Bolin


My father has  Neuropathy,  and this stuff works miracles.  It also helps with our arthritis,  and leaves your skin so soft.  Thank you Don and Tom!!!!!
– Cathy Brooks Klages (Brooks)

What’s inside the Skrub

Dead Sea Salt

Sea Salts


Grapeseed oils



Apricot Kernel

Mountain Man Skrub jojoba


Mountain man skrub tea tree oil

Tea tree oil


Mountain man skrub avocado


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